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CommandEx CLI App
CommandEx CLI Appmore_vert

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Reference Appclose

A Concise and Quick Reference of all commands for Windows,MacOs,Linux,FreeBSD and more.

Theology Kit
Theology Kitmore_vert

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Theology Kitclose

Master systematic theology everywhere and anytime

Learn Julia App
Learn Julia Appmore_vert

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Julia Programming Simplifiedclose

A Concise and Quick Guide for Mastering the Julia Programming Language.

Krok Markers App
Krok Markers Appmore_vert

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Education Appclose

Simplifed Aid for KROK 1 & 2 Medical Exams -Ukraine

Machine Learning
ML Web Appsmore_vert

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ML Web Appsclose

Embedding Machine Learning Models into Web Applications (Flask & Express)

Twi Medical Dictionary
Twi Medical Dictionarymore_vert

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Medical Reference Appclose

A Concise and Quick Collection of Medical Terms in Twi,French and Russian

NeatText Python

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NeatText Pythonclose

NeatText- Text Cleaning Package For NLP and ML Task

NeatText Julia

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NeatText Julia Packageclose

NeatText.jl is a port of the NeatText Python Package built for text cleaning in NLP and ML tasks


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Simplifying NLP Tasksclose

Simple Library for common NLP Task:sentiment analysis,summarization,etc

NLPiffy more_vert

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Natural Language Processing with Spacy-POCclose

NLPiffy - utilizing spacy,textblob and natural.js to do text analysis and entity extraction


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DomainGistry Suiteclose

DomainGistry is a Domain Name Generation Suite of Tools that include a CLI,Package and Web App in Python,Javascript and Julia


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Simple Note Taking CLIclose

Simple Note Taking and Note Keeping CLI.

Our Courses

Learn Julia

Master the Basics of Julia Programming Language

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Datascience Courses

NLP and Data Science Master Courses

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Ultimate Guide to Effective Bible Studies

Optimizing Technology To Accelerate Your Bible Studies

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Our Courses

Learn Streamlit

Master Streamlit For Data Apps

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Building ML Web Apps

Going Beyond ML Model Building

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Bioinformatics with Python

Master Bioinformatics like a Pro with Python

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Python Tutorials

Master Python with the best tutorials used in the industry


Julia Tutorials

Leverage Julia the next generation programming language


Data Science Tuts

Explore Data like a Pro



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Youtube Videos

Here are some of our youtube videos about Python,Julia,Machine learning,Datascience and more.

Master the Basics of Julia Programming

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Natural Language Processing with SpaCy

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Data Cleaning Practical Examples with Python

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Machine Learning Web Apps For Everyone

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Natural Language Processing Web Apps

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Building CLI with CLICK in Python

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JCharisTech is an enterprise that provides a platform for innovations, mind development,technological assistance, academic,business, and faith establishment.Our main focus is on connecting people to trending tools, solutions and systems through tuition, innovations and inspirations.

We have an aim of maximising our minds and our faith to achieve a life of meaning, both in this world and the hereafter.

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